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Friday, February 12, 2010

Officer Buckle And Gloria
By: Peggy Rathmann
Publisher: Putnam Juvenile; Unknown edition
Copyright: 1995
Pages: 40
Reading Level: 4-8
Genre: Picture Book
Award: Caldecott Award

"A fresh, funny story about the wonders of teamwork."
School Library Journal

Summary: Officer Buckle is all about safety. He puts safety tips on a bulletin board as a reminder about the importance of safety. He often goes to Napville School to share his safety tips but realizes that nobody ever listens. Then one day the Napville Police department buys a police dog named Gloria. Together Gloria and Officer Buckle would work together promoting safety. One day, while Officer Buckle is at Napville School, he notices that the children begin to sit up and stare at him. Officer Buckle looks back to see Gloria standing at attention. He continues his presentation on safety just as he normally does. The eyes of the students keep looking at Gloria, but she remains sitting still. As Officer Buckle goes through all the safety tips, he finally realizes how silly each of them are and ends his presentation. The following day at the police station Officer buckle receives many thank you letters from the students expressing there gratitude for Officer Buckle and Gloria. Eventually word gets out about Officer Buckle and Gloria, and they tour around. One day they decides they are going to televise the presentation for the news. As Officer Buckle goes through the presentation, the audience cheers and thanks them. That night Officer Buckle sees why everyone was happy about the presentation. Without his knowledge, Gloria is jumping around and acting cute while he's not looking. He decides that he will not do another presentation. That day, when Gloria shows up, a huge accident happens, and the next day the school again sends letters to Officer Buckle about coming back.
Who would benefit from reading this book?: I think all young children would benefit from this good book. It teaches the importance of teamwork, and it is a fairly easy read.
What problems/concerns could this book potentially cause?: I don't think this book would cause any problems.
My reaction: This is a great book, and I enjoyed reading it. I recommend it for all beginning readers.
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