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Friday, February 12, 2010

Who Stole the Cookie Jar
By: Margaret Wang
Illustrated by: Christine Schneider
Designed by: Treesh Runnels
Publisher: Piggy Toes Press
Copyright: 2002
Reading Level: 3 and up
Genre: Picture book

Summary: The story begins with a cookie missing and the book's purpose is to allow the reader to solve the mystery of who is stealing the cookies. The kitty, bunny, bird, duck, fish, guinea pig, frog and mouse are all investigated in the course of finding the person who stole the cookies. Finally, the mother and the children find Dad with the final cookie in his hand. He admits, "I ate the cookies. Now all I can do is share." It is a beautifully illustrated little book and the expressions on the faces of the characters being investigated are delightful.

Who would benefit from reading this book?: It is one that is definitely written for the small child who is just beginning to process questions and figure out simple solutions.

What Problems/conflicts can the book potentially cause?: It is such a simple story that it probably will not cause any conflicts or concerns.

My reaction: The Father quickly admits to having eaten the cookies, so there is probably no intent of stealing the cookies. Then his willingness to share the last cookie is about all one could expect of him.
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