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Friday, February 12, 2010

By: Don Freeman
Publisher: The Viking Press
Copyright: 1968
Pages: 32
Reading Level: 4-8
Genre: Picture Book

Summary: A little bear in corduroy overalls is on the shelf in a store. His name is Corduroy. He has one button missing from his overall strap, so he is passed by each time children come to get toys. One day, a little girl comes up and looks him right in the eyes and tells her mother that this is just the bear she wants. However, the mother, seeing the missing button, decides that is not the bear for her daughter. The little bear is very disappointed, but now he knows he is missing a button. When the store closes, he decides to look for his button. He starts through the store. He comes to a place where the floor moves under him. It is an escalator that takes him to the next floor, the furniture department. He sees all the furniture a decides he is now in a castle. He sees a bed, and gets on it. He finds a button on the mattress, but when he tries to pick up the button, it will not come loose because it's a button on the mattress cover. He loses his grip on the button, falls of the bed, hits a lamp, and it crashes down. A night watchman, hearing the crash, comes to investigate. He sees the lamp knocked over and looks for who might be hidden that caused the crash. He sees two fuzzy ears sticking out from under the cover on the bed and takes Corduroy back to his shelf. Next morning, the same little girl shows up and has money she has saved that her mother allows her to spend for the bear. She takes him home and her room is not a castle, but small. It is, in fact, just right for him. She also sews on a button so that his overalls will stay up.
Who would benefit from reading this book? Again, it is intended for beginning readers. The illustrations are just right for the book, and the teddy bear is adorable. I think it will be enjoyed by any young reader who reads it.
What problems/conflicts can this book potentially cause: I seen not at all. It is even very politically correct as the little girl is African American and the night watchman is caucasian. There is no violence and the little bear's unhappiness is turned to joy.
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