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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Frog Went A Courtin
By: John Langstaff
Publisher: Harcourt Children's Books
Copyright: 1955
Pages: 32
Reading Level: 4-8
Genre: folk tale
Award: Caldecott
"A favorite old nursery ballad now appears in resplendent new dress. . . . Illustrator Feodor Rojankovsky somehow manages to combine quaintness with sophistication and his doughty frog, the coy mouse . . . and others make charming company."
New York Times

Summary: Frog went a-courtin and he did ride with his sword and a pistol. He jumped upon his horse with his shiney black boots. He rode up to the home of a mouse and said, "Oh, Mistress Mouse, are you within?" Kindly, the mouse replied, saying that she was spinning. Frog entered into the room, bent down on one knee and kindly asked mouse to marry him. Unfortunately, mouse declined and would not marry frog unless he had the consent of Uncle Rat. Uncle Rat came hom and Frog asked if he could marry Mistress Mouse. Eventually, after many questions were asked, Rat gave his consent to mouse that she could marry frog. All of their wildlife friends came, even a white moth, a black bug, a coon, a spotted snake, a bumblebee, even a flea. In came the old grey goose, with two little ants, then came the fly and next was the little chick. They all had a grand ole time, when finally old Tom Cat came and said that he would put a stop to the party. Then, after all the mayhem, frog and mouse finally made their way to France.
Who would benefit from reading this book? This is such a great book to read to younger children because of the rhyming that is involved with the text.
What problems/concerns would this book potentially cause? I don't think that this book has problems or concerns that would prevent people from reading this book.
My reaction: I loved this folk tale that is apparently a rhyming song known throughout the world. I think that it shows a great sense of humor and will make anyone laugh. This is an outstanding book for parents to read to children growing up. I know, without a doubt in my mind, that children will ask for this short story to be read over and over again. I think the illustrations perfectly fit the text that Langstaff wrote for this story. I will definitely recommend this book to everyone and will even read it to my children.
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