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Saturday, April 3, 2010

World War II
By: Simon
Publisher: DK Children
Copyright: 1997
Pages: 72
Reading Level: 9-12
Genre: Non Fiction
"...a mini museum between the covers of a book."
-The New York Times

Summary: Reading this book will help you to discover the fascinating yet turbulent events of World War II. World War II was one of the most destructive wars known in human history. Never before or since has the world witnessed such widespread bloodshed. Beginning with the events that led to its outbreak, World War II goes on to introduce the main leaders and highlight the decisive moments. From Pear Harbor, Midway, and the Atlantic battles to fighting in Russia and in the African Desert, outstanding and original photography provides a unique glimpse of the tragedies that led to the loss of more than 50 million lives.Under chapter headings such as "A world divided," "Bombing raids," "Women at work," "Road to Stalingrad," "Propaganda and morale," "The Holocaust," "D-Day invasion," and "The atomic bomb," the events of the war are described and illustrated in compelling detail. For example, the book describes what it was like during bombing raids by saying "...there was no more terrifying a sound in the war than the drone of incoming enemy bombers (Simon, 22)..." As one gazes at the pages, they will be able to be introduced to types of bombs used to complete these bombing raids as well as gruesome pictures of destruction left by these raids. Another great example is what life was like while fighting in the desert. It covers events such as the battles of Tobruk and El Alamein, showing awesome pictures of tanks used to complete these hot, yet successful, missions for the Allied Forces.
Who would benefit from reading this book? This book is great for children of all ages and will help them understand the destruction of this great war that involved the majority of the world. With its captivating pictures, children will find themselves scanning these pages over and over with fascination. This would definitely be a great book to have in any parents' home libraries as well as a great book to place on the bookshelf of classrooms. All children will benefit from reading this great nonfiction book.
What problems/concerns could this book potentially cause? I don't think that this book has any problems or concerns that would prevent a parent or teacher from having their children read this book.
My reaction: I absolutely loved this book. I am such a history buff that, as I took the time to read each page diligently, I found myself staring at them and in complete awe of the knowledge I gained from doing so. Simon did a great job of summarizing the European theater and the ending of World War II. I will definitely be purchasing this book for my future children, and I recommend that all parents borrow this book from the library and allow their children to be engulfed in its captivating pages.
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